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Bosio Family Estates

The word “Estates” could be summed up in two words: assets and heritage. Two words which are very well known on the hills where Bosio Family lives. We are in Santo Stefano Belbo, Alba and Asti area, in Langhe; this is a place that has been told us by Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio in their books. They described us the efforts and love that people from here gave to this part of Piedmont, north west of Italy. Estates is the word that Bosio family chose to introduce their new way to do business with the brand Bosio Family Estates.

Valter and Luca Bosio, father and son, that with Rosella, mother and wife, manage Bosio Family Estates claim: “The turning point has been the acquisition of Belcolle, the Verduno’s winery that make Barolo and Pelaverga.
We figured out that our world vision was enlarged at that point, not just from commercial and professional point of view, but also culturally. We were became a winery that looks at the world, but keeping our roots well tied to the soil of our hills, that give us Moscato, Barbera and Barolo. A thread of traditions and excellences that pass through our unique and uncontaminated landscapes, cross villages and historical cities and finish with our wines, which are the higher expression of our “assets” and our “heritage”.”

An heritage that Bosios always shared. “Nowadays-Valter and Luca Bosio tell-our hills, Moscato and Barolo’s hills, that are in the middle of piedmontese wine panorama, has been declared Unesco Human Heritage. We have always been sure that the place where we live and work is an heritage that has to be shared with everybody. It’s our style, style of people who likes to cultivate the vineyards and make wine, an old and tiresome ritual that is patrimony of everybody, as the piedmontese landscape is.”

To whom let Bosios note that the choice to call their company Bosio Family Estates sounds too much xenophile, Bosios replys: “Our base concept is the concept of GLOCAL, an old neologism that well identify what we are and what we would like to be: strictly tied to our roots, but projected to a global dimension, that dimension that every company with national and international ambitions needs.
Since words are important, Bosio family estates define well our philosophy: a family that keeps their goods as heritage to share with the world, with a glass of wine on the table. This is our spirit and this always will be.”


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